Dog Steals His Dad’s Phone, Then Makes Him Chase Him All Over The Yard In Hilarious Fashion

If you’re lucky enough to own a dog, then I’m sure there has been plenty of times where your furry best friend has made you laugh. Whether they are doing something silly, or doing something that they aren’t supposed to, you still can’t help but smile, and it’s always hard to get mad at them.

This yellow labrador knows exactly what to do to drive his human dad crazy, but looks so darn cute while doing so. He steals his dad’s phone and runs all over the yard with it while his dad chases him trying to get it. Of course the dog is too smart and too quick for him. It gives his humans a good laugh though. We can always count on our pups to cheer us up! Eventually he laid down and gave his dad his phone back. He must’ve gotten tired! This is too funny!

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