Adorable Dog Always Makes Sure To Pet Each Of His Friends At Doggie Daycare

Everyone loves dogs. They’re impossible not to like. That is why we are constantly wanting to stop and pet them whenever possible. It also might explain why one friendly little pooch loves to cuddle all the fellow dogs that she meets.

Ruby is a sweet little pup from Canada. She attends the Den Doggy Daycare in Burlington, Ontario, alongside her sibling, Miles.

The two of them love to play with the other dogs. But there is one thing that sets her apart from her brother: her endless love of petting every dog she meets.

Photo: TikTok / alanahlorraine

One of the staff members at the doggie daycare ended up capturing a video of Ruby’s actions, and it is so adorable! Alanah Lorraine, the one who caught the petting on video, then posted it to TikTok.

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It is no surprise that the precious video ended up going viral and gaining more than 150 thousand views on TikTok, prompting The Den Doggy Daycare to share the video to their Instagram so all their followers could see how Ruby treats her fellow doggie friends.

Photo: TikTok / alanahlorraine
Photo: TikTok / alanahlorraine

While a dog petting another dog might seem a little condescending, Ruby actually does it with great care and love. Of course, her fellow pups look more than a little confused by it all. Still, they’re good sports about it and allow Ruby to pet them.

It is certainly a habit of hers that brings a smile to anyone’s face because it reminds us that dogs are just too pure.

Photo: TikTok / alanahlorraine

Check out the adorable video below:


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