Dog Rescued After Paw Gets Stuck In Escalator

Police officers performed a rescue mission on Wednesday and successfully freed a dog stuck in an escalator.

According to ABC7, the pomeranian, named Scott, had gotten his left paw caught in an escalator at the Journal Square PATH Station in New Jersey. His owner began to panic when he noticed that Scott was stuck and screamed for help.

Hearing his panicked screams, Anthony Manfredini and Mathew Maniello of the Port Authority Police Department ran to see what was going on.

Photo: flickr/elstudio

When they arrived on the scene and realized what had happened, they immediately hit the emergency stop button the escatlor.

The news station reported that the officers then requested additional help from the Emergency Service Unit of their department. They also called in the station’s maintenance crew, realizing that they would need to disassemble the part of the escalator that Scott was caught in.

Photo: Pixabay

Speaking to ABC7, Maiello said, “We removed the bottom plate, and the dog’s paw was stuck pretty good in there. The dog was patient with us, and we were able to get the paw freed, and they took the dog to the vet for treatment.”

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The Port Authority NY & NJ shared a photo of the freed pup on their Twitter account. They said:

“On April 14, at the
@PATHTrain Journal Square Station, PAPD & ESU officers rescued a white Pomeranian dog stuck at the bottom of an escalator. Thankfully, the dog, Scott, was freed and officers were able to secure a taxi so the dog could be taken to an animal hospital.”

Photo: Twitter/@PANYNJ

Thankfully, Scott is expected to make a full recovery. He came out mostly unphased, with just a few cuts on his paws from the escalator.

Thanks to the quick actions of the officers, what could’ve quickly escalated into a tragedy ended up a rescue story with a happy ending.

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