Dog Tries His Paw At Pug Portraiture

Two doggie best friends, Oskar and Johnny, have delighted viewers as they collaborated to create a unique portrait.

The duo, silver lab Oskar and tan pug Johnny, create cute videos on TikTok with help from owner Eliseeva Valeria Alexandrovna.

Their account is @hoootdogs, and their most widely-viewed video, at over 33 million views, shows Oskar “painting” a portrait of Johnny. First, he starts with the canvas:


Then, of course, he carefully selects his paints, presenting each to the camera.

Johnny sits patiently as the portrait session continues. Oskar clutches the brush in his mouth and carefully guides (or, more likely, is carefully guided from off screen) the strokes to create a simple, cute picture of his best friend.

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When all is said and done, the duo sits proudly in front of their new creation, Johnny beaming with pride alongside his freshly-captured likeness, and Oskar closing his eyes to rest after a job well done.


Based in Moscow, Russia, they love posing for the camera and getting up to no good!

The video shows just one of many adventures that the duo have gotten into over the years.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Another short clip shows the pair getting into trouble as Johnny stands on Oskar’s back to reach a piece of cake:


Как он на него забрался?😳 How he climbed on he? ##dog ##собака ##воришки ##шок ##lol

♬ оригинальный звук – Oskar🐾 Johnny

The pair are also active on Instagram, where they have over 125,000 followers and post updates on their lives, as well as more portraits!

Watch the full video of Johnny’s portrait session below, via TikTok:


Поняли кого Оскар нарисовал?😝🎨 Is it similar?🐶

♬ everything sucks – vaultboy

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