New Study Claims Dog Owners Are Happier Than Those Who Don’t Have Dogs In Their Lives

If you have a dog in your life, there’s no doubt that you realize what they have given to you and your family. Nobody needs to tell us how important those animals are to us, but it never hurts to have a study back us up.

That study looked into 2,004 adults to show how beneficial it was to have an animal in their life.

They asked the right questions and discovered that people feel an average of 31% less lonely when they go for a walk with their furry friend.


Disabled individuals who were part of the study also spoke about how they had more interactions with people due to their animals. In fact, they had almost 4 times as many meaningful conversations, as those with dogs had 11 per month and those without had three.

The study primarily focused on loneliness but it was also associated with the week of May 9-15, which was Mental Health Awareness Week. It was commissioned by UK Charity Dogs for Good and More Than Insurance.

Lorraine Kelly, a well-known TV personality, also teamed up with those two groups and brought her border collie, Agnes to bring out how beneficial it was to those who were disabled to have a pet in their life.

Photo: StockSnap/Magdalena

Lorraine shared a video where she was taking her dog for a walk and there were so many people stopping to chat or just smile because she had a dog with her.

She said: “My dog has been instrumental in improving my mental health and just taking Angus out for a walk is great exercise, it helps me mentally and it means I meet lots of people on our walks. I didn’t know many people when I first moved from Scotland but taking Angus out was the best way to make friends in my new home.”

She went on to say how Dogs for Good has made a difference in the lives of many people with disabilities because they pair people with dogs, and that is so important for those who have a disability.

Photo: YouTube/Dogs for Good

The study went on to show just how important those dogs were, with four out of five disabled dog owners reporting that when they interact with others, they have fewer feelings of loneliness and isolation. 81% reported that it was easier to meet new people when they had their dog along with them.

On the other hand, half of the non-dog owners who were surveyed said that they rarely have contact with individuals according to the OnePoll survey.

According to WalesOnline, one of the directors of the study, James Loder of More Than Insurance, said: “The physical and mental benefits of dog ownership speak for themselves. Dog owners have more opportunities for social interaction and our research shows we also make far more meaningful connections thanks to our four-legged friends.”

Photo: YouTube/Dogs for Good

He went on to talk about how the study really put the spotlight on the relationships that we have with dogs. It was done primarily to help people benefit, particularly those with disabilities who can have their lives impacted by having a dog by their side.

The CEO of Dogs for Good, Peter Gorbing, added the following: “We know how hard it can be for some people to experience social interactions regularly, particularly those with disabilities who may be more susceptible to social isolation. Dog ownership presents opportunities for social interactions that have long-term positive benefits on the lives of owners – both physically and mentally.”

Gorbing spoke about how they create opportunities for social interaction by assisting disabled people to have the dog by their side. It helps them to live a more independent life and to be more active in the community.

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