Dog Offers Emotional Bond to Seniors in Hospice

The Randolph Hospice House in Asheboro, North Carolina, can be a sad place, but one dog is helping to change that. According to the Courier Tribune, Kota is a certified therapy dog that comes by the hospice to visit residents. This yellow lab has brought new life to the home, making special connections with the seniors there.

“It’s been great, because he will come and we will go into the rooms and even if the patient is unresponsive, we’ll put his hand on Kota’s paw and you can just tell, it’s a sense of relaxing,” Candy Hunter, Hospice House director, told the source. “It’s comforting to the patient and the family because we have all gotten to know Kota.”

The dog has even made a deep connection with Hunter’s grandfather Bill Hunt, aka “Mr. Bill” or “Pop Pop.” Mr. Bill had a dog of his own when he was still living independently, but the animal passed away. Unfortunately, his family thought he wouldn’t be able to care for another pet. Kota has stepped in and taken the role of Mr. Bill’s dog. Staff and the resident alike notice the special connection the two share.

“He’s helped bring me around. He’s my buddy. I believe he would stay with me,” Mr. Bill told the source. “He wouldn’t hurt a flea.”

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