Neighbor’s Dog Sneaks Under The Fence To Have A Backyard Playdate

Moving into a new neighborhood can be a challenge — making new friends and getting used to new surroundings isn’t always easy. But when you’re an adorable 8-and-a-half-month-old puppy-like Dory, opportunities to meet the neighbors can pop up from anywhere, even a hole in the fence!

Dory and her family had just moved into their new home, and the Golden Mountain Puppy (a cross-breeding of Golden Retrievers and Bernese Mountain Dogs) was eager to find new playmates. “She wants to play with all humans and dogs,” her owner Ross Brickelmaier explained in an interview with The Dodo.


That same weekend, Tasso, a friendly Goldendoodle who lived next door, poked his head in to say hello — literally! Underneath the tall, plain wooden fence that separated Dory and Tasso’s yards, there was just enough room for Tasso to peek his head. No doubt drawn by the smell of a new puppy in the neighborhood, Tasso was definitely a nosy neighbor!

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Dory and her family didn’t mind, though. As soon as she spotted him, Dory said hello and started playing with the older pup. Tasso, excited by this enthusiastic greeting, didn’t take long to squeeze his whole body under the fence and make himself at home in Dory’s yard!


Days passed, and a friendship continued to form between the black-and-white buddies. Toys were passed from yard to yard through the whole in the fence, and Brickelmaier got in touch with Tasso’s family to schedule a playdate for the two. They’d actually seen Dory and Tasso’s antics on Dory’s TikTok, and were delighted to host both Dory’s family for a backyard get-together. Writing on Instagram, Brickelmaier noted that Dory was initially “a little nervous” until she loosened up and “danced and twirled” with Tasso under the back yard’s string lights.


Dory “can’t wait to do it again;” both she and Tasso had the time of their lives, a perfect example of dogs’ ability to bring people together and spread joy. Watch Dory’s adventures on her Instagram page to see her grow and learn, and check out the full video of her first encounter and playdate with Tasso below!

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