Rescue Puppy Named ‘Chunky Monkey’ Goes Viral For Falling Asleep During The Puppy Bowl

For many, “the big game” is synonymous with the Super Bowl. But to millions of us dog lovers, it’s all about the Puppy Bowl! This year’s Puppy Bowl XVII had plenty to offer: Hosted by Martha Stuart and Snoop Dogg, the event followed 70 adoptable puppies as they participated by playing tug, chasing each other, and gradually nudging the ball towards the end zone. Their teams, Team Fluff and Team Ruff, lit up the scoreboard, but it wasn’t all about the points and plays: One pup was able to steal the show without so much as lifting a paw.

Chunky Monkey is a 15-week-old Chow Chow/Red and White Setter Mix. She is one of the Puppy Bowl players currently under the guardianship of Green Dogs Unleashed in Virginia. After making her big entrance onto the field, Chunky Monkey decided to do what she does best, and took a nap on the sidelines!

Her chilled-out reaction to the pressures of the Puppy Bowl certainly set her apart from her energetic and competitive peers. She was only resting her eyes for a few moments before being interrupted by “Rufferee” Dan Schachner. Even as she earned a foul for “excessive slumber,” Chunky Monkey was earning the support of puppy fans across the country. Twitter users professed their love for the black-and-white pup. @ChristineWesl18 summed up Twitter’s reaction, gushing, “I have such a soft spot for big, fluffy dogs!!”

Photo: Twitter / mychiarinotion

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Photo: Twitter / risamerijaan

Team Ruff won Puppy Bowl XVII 73-69, barely defeating Chunky Monkey’s Team Fluff and ending the team’s two-year winning streak. It doesn’t look like Chunky Monkey took the loss too hard, however. Foster mom Cassandra Asekhauno posted this photo the day after the Puppy Bowl, captioning it “Contemplating how to conquer the WORLD! #chunkymonkey #puppybowlxvii #puppybowl”

Chunky Monkey clearly has a bright future ahead of her. Just by taking a cat nap, (pardon the expression!) she helped to put a national spotlight on adoption and rescue efforts. You can see more highlights from the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet’s Twitter, or check out Green Dogs Unleashed, who “focus on the rescue, rehabilitation and training of special needs animals to work with special humans in need.”

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