Officers Rescue Dog Desperately Struggling To Stay Afloat In Murky Pond

Many dogs love the water, but not all pups are natural swimmers. Your pet’s dangers of drowning are further compounded by the hazardous state of many U.S. waters, some of which contain dangerous pollutants and poisonous algae in addition to the swift currents that can suddenly pull your dog out to sea.

So when officers got a call about a dog struggling to stay afloat in a dirty pond, they knew they had to move quickly. “Today our officers were called for a k9 in distress,” officers from New Jersey’s Washington Township Police Department wrote on Facebook.

According to rescuers, the gray boxer/mastiff mix, Aleka, had gotten herself “stuck neck deep in some mucky water in a local pond.” With their stocky builds and stubby tails, both of which make it difficult to stay afloat, boxers don’t typically enjoy swimming. Akela, who was struggling to keep her head above water, clearly wasn’t an exception.

Luckily, officers found a nearby kayak and quickly paddled out into the water, where an officer was able to grab the struggling dog by her collar and pull her to safety. This frightening ordeal entire rescue was captured on film, which you can watch below. It also looks like Aleka’s rescuers arrived just in the nick of time!

Fortunately, the dog’s scary ordeal seemed quickly forgotten once officers brought her back to the shore, where the grateful pup even managed to pose with her rescuers for a couple of photos.

This very close call is also an excellent example of why it’s important to teach your dog to swim. His or her life could depend on it!

Check out this incredible rescue in the video below!

Today our officers were called for a k9 in distress. Akela, a gray boxer/mastiff had gotten loose and found herself …

Posted by Washington Township Police Department on Wednesday, July 8, 2020

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