Rescue Dog ‘Mocks’ Owner With A Broken Ankle

Some dogs have a good sense of humor, like Rico the rescue pup.

Rico joined Ashely Hall’s family as a foster puppy, but he quickly won over Ashley’s heart and it wasn’t long before she officially adopted him!

That was back when he was a tiny puppy, nearly four years ago!

Rico has been living his best life with Hall, and he’s grown quite comfortable with his adopted family. In fact, he even mocks his rescue mama from time to time!

Recently, Ashley (@ash_laughs31) unfornatuely broke her ankle and had to start wearing a giant ankle bootie.

Photo: Instagram/@ash_laughs31

Given the nature of the injury, she’s been taking the stairs in her house incredibly slowly. She can’t walk down the stairs, she has to hobble down them – one slow and awkward step at a time.

Rico the husky mix didn’t let Ashely’s struggle go unnoticed. In fact, he began copying her! Rather than running down the stairs like usual, Rico painfully, slowly hobbles down the stairs – just like his mama.

Photo: Instagram/@ash_laughs31

Ashley captured Rico’s antics on video and shared them on her Instagram, writing: “I think he’s mocking me.”

Check out the video below:

Thankfully, Ashley seems to have a good sense of humor about the whole thing, too! Maybe that’s where Rico got it from!

You can see more of Ashley and Rico on Instagram, @ash_laughs31.

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