Dog Sleeps Finds Comfort Sleeping In His Deployed Dad’s Old Clothes

Humans and dogs form such tight bonds with each other. They become our family, and they feel our absence when we’re away from home for any period of time. All of us have had to leave our dogs at home for a while, but for members of the military, they sometimes have to leave home more frequently than the rest of us. When one dog was left at home during a soldier’s deployment, the pup’s sadness was quite evident.

While Infantryman Michael Yost was away from home, it was just his wife Jessica at home in Germany with their two dogs. While the separation was tough on Jessica, it was the couple’s lab-collie mix named Fruitloops who really took the deployment to heart. Even though the family fell into a routine with Michael away, Jessica couldn’t help but notice something about Fruitloops – the dog insisted on sleeping with the plastic storage container that contained Michael’s pants and military sleeping bag.

Feeling sorry for the heartbroken pup, Jessica did the only thing that she could think of, she got out her camera to film the scene. She shared that she felt so bad for Fruitloops who had to resort to sleeping in the box of Michael’s items in order to feel close to him.

Photo: YouTube / Caters Clips

She also shared some surprising information about Fruitloops’ background. He was originally her dog, but when she began dating Michael, the dog quickly formed an unshakeable bond with him. And the video perfectly captures that. They had only been best friends for a year – a testament to how deep this bond goes.

Watch the sad video below:

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