Surprise for a Lovable Bernese Mountain Dog! A Perfect Look-alike Puppy!

Majestic, intelligent, hardworking, and very affectionate. These are just some of the lovable qualities of Bernese Mountain Dogs.

This dog breed originated from the Canton of Bern, a serene region of Switzerland with big farmhouses of world-famous Emmental cheese, lush valleys, tranquil rivers, and classical arcades with tiny entertainment theaters below.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

And this dog, regardless of its massive size and strength, is as gentle as the place where it came from. It’s playful, but not boisterous. Works hard and easy to train. Loyalty to its human family. Definitely a 5 star, according to the American Kennel Club.

Here are more fascinating facts about Bernese Mountain dogs:

  1. Bernese are highly adaptable dogs. They are great at herding, droving, drafting, and protecting the farm. They are also delightful companions at home.
  2. These dogs possess outstanding beauty, with soulful eyes and a tri-color coat of black, rust, and white, along with unique markings.
  3. Photo: YouTube/The Dodo
  4. Bernese mountain dogs are indoor dogs, but they love to play in the snow and join outdoor adventures in cold weather like hiking, backpacking, and camping.
  5. These mountain dogs are especially fond of kids. Berners take the role of loving and protective nannies when they are with children. Children find them easy to love and trust with their whole hearts, like best friends forever. However, considering the size of Berners, they may not be appropriate companions for young kids without supervision.
  6. Good performance in dog sports. This breed, which belongs to the Working Group, performs very well in carting/drafting and in other competitions, such as herding, obedience, agility, and conformation.
  7. Berners have double coats and tend to shed a lot. This is why this dog breed is not suitable for people with allergies.
  8. Photo: YouTube/The Dodo
  9. Bernese Mountain Dogs are devoted to their family. These dogs’ purpose in life is to please their humans. They are not watchdogs to be tied to a fence or confined in a cage. Wherever you are, they want to be there. Such is the depth of their love and loyalty. You’re sure to fall in love with a Berner, as well, due to its sweet temperament and carefree spirit.

You’ll also love this video of two Bernese Mountain Dogs, Benny and Tierney. Benny was just a puppy when he was adopted by Tierney’s family. He is his perfect look-alike! What’s more, Benny imitates everything Tierney does, and it’s so endearing to see “big brother and little brother” together.

But wait until you see Benny grow as big as Tierney! You’ll find it hard to tell the two lovable Bernese Mountain Dogs apart. Like they are twin brothers forever!

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