Dog Spills The Bleach And Accidentally Makes The Best T-Shirt For His Owner

We all realize that dogs have some amazing talents, but Apollo seems to have one that is unique.

His owner, Tori, knew that she had a special pooch by her side but she didn’t know he was creative and artistic as well.

Along with his creativity, she shared on Reddit that the six-year-old pitbull can also “sit, shake [and] catch a dog treat tossed 2 inches in front of his nose with about 70 percent accuracy.”

Photo: flickr/Rob Swatski

She also said that Apollo enjoys drinking out of the toilet but that’s not necessarily her favorite part of pet ownership.

When Tori was speaking with The DoDo, she said: “I had a pile of laundry on my bathroom floor, and there was a spray bottle of bleach cleaner sitting nearby. When I left the house to run a few errands, I closed the door to the bathroom like I normally do, but it didn’t completely latch.”

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Photo: Unsplash

That is when Apollo showed his creative side. He was drinking out of the toilet, as he usually does, but he knocked over a spray bottle full of bleach in the process.

Fortunately, he was too focused on the toilet to pay attention to the bleach, because it can be deadly to dogs.

Photo: Unsplash

What happened next was absolutely incredible, because he created a unique T-shirt and showed off his design skills.

Tori made sure that she posted it online so the world could appreciate what her dog was able to do.

Photo: Reddit/universe_point

She said: “The T-shirt happened to be crumpled in a way that it got that cool design on it. A few of my other clothes got some minor stains on them too, but Apollo was fine.”

Photo: imgur

Although he won’t be designing clothes in the future, at least she has this one to wear for as long as it lasts.

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