English Staffordshire Becomes Best Friends With A Rescued Magpie

While it may sound strange, animals regularly befriend different species for a variety of reasons. Dogs, in particular, seem to have a loving ability to care for and make friends with just about anyone or anything. Some dogs even go as far as adopt an animal of another species.

One Englush Stafordshire named Peggy knows just what it’s like to have a best friend of a different species. Her BFF just happens to be a little magpie, and the two are inseparable.

The unlikely duo based in Coomera, Queensland, have spent hours together every day since little Molly was rescued by Peggy’s owner, Juliette Wells.

Photo: Instagram/peggyandmolly

According to Daily Mail, Peggy alerted Juliette to an injured magpie that’d fallen out of a nest and needed help. Peggy was incredibly concerned for the little bird, despite her owner noting that she’s usually terrified of magpies.

Juliette managed to scoop the bird up, which she later name Molly, and took her home to nurse her back to health. However, it ended up being Peggy that nursed Molly back to health and even produced milk to feed the little bird! After a vet visit, it was determined that Peggy was producing milk because she thought that Molly was her puppy – how sweet is that?

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The Metro reported that Juliette said, “Molly kept poking at her nipples too, so for now Peggy is wearing shirts until it passes so her nipples are covered.”

Photo: Instagram/peggyandmoll

They initially planned to keep Molly until she was strong and healthy enough to be released on her own, but Molly seemed to have no plans of leaving. She and Peggy had become so close, it quickly became evident that they wouldn’t be separated anytime soon.

Juliette shared on Instagram that she wasn’t sure how it would go at first, having both an English Staffy and a magpie in the same house. However, she’s pleased to report that their relationship couldn’t be better. She said, “These two have their own language.”

The two are so close that they even cuddle together for naps. Check out some of their adorable pictures below:

Photo: Instagram/peggyandmolly
Photo: Instagram/peggyandmolly
Photo:https://www.instagram.com/p/CMY-8VApuVp/ Instagram/peggyandmolly
Photo: Instagram/peggyandmolly
Photo: Instagram/peggyandmolly
Photo: Instagram/peggyandmolly

You can follow Peggy and Molly on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok.

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