Watch The Moment A Border Collie Loses A Tennis Ball To An Octopus

If you have a dog in your life, you are already familiar with how unique their personality can be. Each dog is an individual but there are also some things that seem to be common among certain breeds as well.

For example, border collies are known as some of the smartest dogs but they also tend to be friendly and curious.

Lucy is a border collie that fits into that category nicely. When her human, Almar Creighton, was out for a walk along the South African coastline with Lucy to explore the tide pools, they found another creature who fit into the same category as well.

Photo: Facebook/Riette Creighton

It was an octopus, and it was curious about the dog who was suddenly in her front yard.

Lucy was playing with a tennis ball and when it ended up in the water, she went to go get it. The problem was, the octopus managed to get to the ball first and took it from her.

Photo: Facebook/Riette Creighton

According to the Good News Network, Almar said she was confused when it happened but Lucy didn’t complain as the octopus was examining the ball.

If you’ve ever read anything about octopi, it is probably something about their level of intelligence.

Photo: Facebook/Riette Creighton

As Lucy looked on and wondered what to do next, the octopus continued to examine the ball. It seemed as if the mollusk was trying to keep the ball submerged under a rock.

You can watch it happen for yourself in the following video:

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