Mom Finds The Dog Playing On The Tire Swing All By Herself

Dogs just want to have fun. They are vibrant and happy animals with an infectious zest for life. Nothing gets them down for long, and they never pass up an opportunity to just enjoy the moment however they see fit.

For some dogs, that could be partaking in a game of fetch, noshing on some treats, chilling on the lawn in the morning sun, or – swinging!

Not your average doggie activity, one particularly adventurous pooch named Tuba loves to swing in her backyard. Luckily for us, the swinging canine’s owner managed to get the cutest content on camera for the rest of us to watch.

Photo: Instagram / tubasmash

As clearly revealed in the video, Tuba is exactly like an excited kid as she rushes out to the back, hops onto the swing, and hangs on – rocking back and forth, just living her best doggie life.

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Her owner explains that it’s something that Tuba enjoys doing. It’s almost like her “me time” since she does have a doggie sibling, Tuna, who she often plays with.

Photo: Instagram / tubasmash

However, swinging happens to be one of those activities that Tuba enjoys doing solo. We all have our thing.

Tuba enjoys her swinging so much, that she isn’t easily distracted from it. Even when a family member comes over to give her some cuddles, she’s not entirely taken away from her focus. She just loves swinging away, and we think it’s so adorable.

Photo: Instagram / tubasmash

Tuba’s video highlights the fact that dogs are sometimes just too pure for this world.

Check out the cuteness overload in the video below:

Isn’t she just adorable? What do you think of Tuba’s swinging video? Let us know!

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