Dog Hears Owner On Ring Camera And Tries To Give Him Kisses

In recent years, home security has become much more interactive. We’ve seen such companies like Ring come to prominence with their home security systems that are easy to set up and easy to use.

Being able to keep an eye on your property, especially from the convenience of your phone while you’re out of the house, is definitely quite helpful. It helps to give many homeowners a sense of security and peace of mind, and that is really all we’re looking for, right?

But besides being able to keep an eye out for potentially nefarious people lurking around our homes, Ring cameras can also come in handy for a much less sinister purpose: Checking up on our pets!

Photo: flickr/CJ Anderson

It can sometimes be hard leaving your pet at home all alone, especially now. For months, ever since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been many of us who have gotten used to a work-from-home arrangement.

Regardless of whether we personally liked the setup or not, there was no denying that our pets greatly enjoyed having us home for extended periods.

But with returns to offices beginning, it can be hard on both owners and their pets to spend so much time apart. So, having a security system like a Ring camera can be quite helpful if you ever want to check in on your pet throughout the day when you’re not at home.

Photo: YouTube/Ring

That is precisely what one dog owner has been using his Ring camera for, and the resulting footage is quite adorable.

Scott is the dog owner who has taken to using his indoor Ring camera as a way of keeping a close eye on his 6-month-old mini goldendoodle. His beloved pooch, named Bella, often gets to interact with him through the camera thanks to the feature in the camera that allows him to talk to his pet.

Photo: YouTube/Ring
Photo: YouTube/Ring

As the footage shows, she recognizes his voice as soon as she hears it, and comes over searching for the source.

But perhaps the cutest thing about the video is that once she finds that his voice is coming from the camera, she immediately goes over to give him some puppy kisses.

Watch their adorable interactions in the footage below:

What do you think of the video? Have you ever checked on your pet through a Ring camera or something similar? Let us know!

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