Puppy Gets Completely Freaked Out By A Lemon Slice

Dogs absolutely love playing around with something fresh and new — whether it’s a new friend, a new toy, or just a new game they’ve come up with (my dog recently invented “hide the sock,” and I am not a fan), there’s nothing they find more thrilling.

Knowing this, some dog owners decided to test their dogs’ reactions to lemons. What would they think of the sour fruit?

For Reeses the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, the reaction was comedy gold!

Photo: Pixabay/Sonja Kalee

After being given the slice, Reeses is immediately unsure of how to react. He circles it, pounces at it, and is pats it with a paw. It’s just such a new thrill to him! He works up the courage to bite it and immediately bounces away from it with his adorable puppy energy.

It’s a hilarious video, but be careful if you’re thinking of trying it out with your pup — turns out, there’s a good reason for dogs to hate lemons.


Writing for loveyourdog.com, Dr. Joanna Woodnutt explained, “The worst thing about lemons from a dog’s perspective is that they taste bad. However, this isn’t the only reason you should avoid giving lemons to your precious pup. Lemons contain citric acid, essential oils (such as limonene), and psoralen, all known to make dogs ill.”

Even though a small amount is unlikely to cause health issues, Dr. Woodnutt recommends avoiding the fruit altogether in your dog’s diet, as well as watching out for any lemon-scented cleaners that you use regularly.


The whole thing doesn’t look like it hurt Reeses at all, though. He’s been having all kinds of adventures, as you can see on his Instagram!

Watch the full video below!

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