Dog Gets Rescued After Being Left Behind On An Island During A Volcanic Eruption

Anyone who happened to live on Taal Island was able to be escorted to safety when a volcano on the island began erupting. The problem is, the people were evacuated, but many animals were left behind.

Some of the Asia fieldworkers for PETA were on hand to see that for themselves, including seeing a dog named Palakitik. They were worried about her upon hearing the news.

Any animals that were left behind on the island were in danger due to the smoke and ash. PETA sent a rescue team as the only charity that would go to the island. Once they arrived, they began to look for Palakitik.

They were worried that the dog didn’t survive, but before long, she came out to greet them, just like she has always done. She didn’t get off without any harm, but she is now in a safe place.

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