Dog Becomes A Local Celebrity After Learning How To Bowl

Anyone who has a dog in their family realizes they can do some amazing things. It seems as if an 8-month-old Goldendoodle named Blake may just have a one-up on most of our household pets. After all, Blake knows how to bowl!

When Blake was only 12 weeks old, his human, Katelyn “Kt” Simpson decided to teach him how to bowl, and, as it turns out, he loved it. He may also be fairly good. After all, Katelyn was on the Pikeville University in Kentucky bowling team and was on the USA Junior National team in 2015.

“I think his high game is, like, a 93,” Katelyn said in a video interview with CBS 2 News. “He gets strikes every once in awhile, pretty good spare shooter.”

As you can imagine, as the family business, KT’s Lanes bowling alley is now where he hangs out regularly.

To start, they would put a ball on a ramp and hold the treat above the ball. They had to help Blake at first, but eventually, he would push the ball with his front legs and after catching on, he was a natural.

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You don’t have to wonder what it looks like, you can see him bowling in the following video:

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