Energetic Puppy Loves To Jump On The Trampoline

Rio is one of the most adorable puppies that we have ever seen. If you have never seen a Lurcher in action, these are very interesting animals. They are about as playful as it gets, aren’t they?

Rio’s family managed to capture the adorable moment that Rio decided to enjoy some “Zoomies” around her favorite toys and it’s too adorable.

The fun begins with Rio splashing around in a bucket. She plays around in it for a few seconds before darting onto the next fun adventure.

Photo: YouTube/Viral Hog

After her splashes, she darts to the trampoline and goes absolutely crazy bouncing off the walls!

Her jumping antics are well worth your time and we could not stop running this clip back over and over again.

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Rio is able to jump off the base of the trampoline and she has the ability to spring off the netting of the trampoline as well. This is one talented dog, that is for sure.

Photo: YouTube/Viral Hog

“This is Rio, our 7-month-old Lurcher pup. We got her in February after losing our previous Lurcher, Ruby. In the first couple of days she wasn’t interested with our grandson’s trampoline. On day 3 she jumped on and started working on her ‘craft’ of Doggy Free Running! Now we have trouble getting her off of it. She’s used the trampoline more in 3 months than our grandson has in 4 years!” reads the description of the video below.

Photo: YouTube/Viral Hog

At least this family is finally getting some much-needed bang for their buck with the trampoline.

Watch the video below:

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