Bored Dog Jumps Off Balcony to Scare Cat While Parents Aren’t Home

Pets do all sorts of crazy or even destructive things while their humans aren’t home. Sometimes it’s boredom or curiosity that prompts these actions, while other times it’s nervousness or separation anxiety. Some pets may even partake in destructive habits just for the sheer joy of knowing they can get away with more when their humans are gone than when the whole family is at home.

Photo: Facebook/LADbible

But most pets will never go so far as to do what the dog in this video decided to try one day. He and his dog sibling were upstairs in the loft of their home, which looks down over the living room, on a day when their human parents didn’t happen to be home. In the beginning of the video, you can see both dogs looking over the ledge like something interesting is happening below…

…And then the white dog gets a crazy idea.

Photo: Facebook/LADbible

You can see from the other dog’s reaction that this is an unprecedented occurrence in the home. Nonetheless, the first dog seems hell-bent on trying his new idea, and he takes a running leap at the half-wall and flies over the edge of it and down onto the couch below.

Photo: Facebook/LADbible

Whether he did it just to scare the cat who was sitting on the couch, we’ll never know. We’re not even sure if he knew the cat was there at all. But if they’ve got a pet-sibling rivalry going on, this doggo definitely got his prank in for the day on his kitty sibling.

As the dog cascaded down from the upper story, the cat looked up and immediately freaked out. I mean, who wouldn’t, right? I’d flip too if there were a dog hurtling through the air in my direction.

Photo: Facebook/LADbible

The cat safely escapes, of course, and the dog lands, appearing a little surprised but altogether excited. It even appears as if he might be headed up the stairs to try it again, but then he hears his mom and dad at the door and stops goofing around.

Photo: Facebook/LADbible

I wouldn’t be surprised if this new parkour activity becomes a regular pastime for him, if only when his humans are out.

Take a look at the video below to see this goofy dog’s daring adventure:

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