Hungry Dog Interrupts Live Weather Report While Looking For Snacks

A hungry pup in search of some snacks found herself on live television when she attempted to get a treat from the weatherman. Little did she know, the weatherman was reporting a live segment!

According to Global News, weatherman Anthony Farnell of Global Toronto has gained quite a reputation for himself, not just for his reliable weather forecasts, but for his adorable pup as well!

Photo: YouTube/Global News

In fact, Storm the Weather Dog has become so popular that Farnell even created a whole Instagram account dedicated just to her.

While Storm usually stays on the sidelines, there was one day when she decided to surprise her dad, Anthony, by joining him for a live broadcast!

Photo: YouTube/Global News

Global News shared, “a hungry-for-treats Storm invaded the set in the middle of Anthony’s weather report, demanding treats even as Farnell was explaining to Ontarians what weather they would be facing that weekend, and discussed the dangers posed by Hurricane Ida further south.”

“Both consummate professionals, Anthony finished his segment without a hitch while Storm sated his hunger (and mugged a bit for the camera)…all in a day’s work,” they added.

Photo: YouTube/Global News

Hopefully Storm was treated to a delicious meal after the broadcast and Anthony wasn’t too embarrassed. I think it’s safe to say viewers at home probably got a kick from the guest appearance!

You can watch the hilarious moment for yourself in the video below:

You can keep up with Storm the Weather Dog on Instagram, @stormtheweatherdog.

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