Border Collie Inherits $5 Million Dollars After Owner Passes Away

Pets are very much a part of any family, so why should they be left out of the family will? Well, one very lucky pooch is set for life after her owner passed away and left everything to her dog.

This particular border collie is now a millionaire after having inherited a decent chunk of change following the passing of her owner.

Lulu, who lives in Nashville, Tennessee, was very much loved by her owner, 84-year-old Bill Dorris. The elderly Dorris had been a successful businessman and was not married. As a result, when it came to figuring out matters of his estate, he figured that it was only right to include Lulu so that she would be properly cared for after he passed. When he eventually passed away, Lulu was rehomed to Martha Burton, who would often care for Lulu whenever Dorris would be away traveling.

Photo: YouTube / NewsChannel5

Speaking to News Channel 5, Burton explained that Dorris was very fond of his beloved pooch, so it was no surprise that he left something behind for her care. Still, she did admit that she wasn’t really sure “what to think about it,” since the inheritance was a whopping $5,000,000.

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In his will, Dorris was very specific saying, according to the outlet, that the large sum of money would “be transferred to a trust to be formed upon my death for the care of my border collie Lulu. This trust is to provide for all the needs of Lulu. The dog will remain in possession of Martha Burton.”

Photo: YouTube / NewsChannel5

While the trust might hold a huge amount of money for Lulu, its function is quite simple: reimburse all the monthly expenses that go into caring for Lulu, within reason of course.

So it’s doubtful that Burton would be able to buy Lulu a bunch of designer doggie accessories or wagyu steaks, but she teased that she’d like to give it a go – especially since regular dog food and other incidentals aren’t that pricey.

Photo: YouTube / NewsChannel5

While Burton might be Lulu’s new owner, she doesn’t have direct access to Lulu’s trust. Instead, she will have to go through a conservator who will approve and reimburse her for the expenses she’s incurred caring for Lulu. And should there be any money left over in the trust after eight-year-old Lulu passes away herself, it has not been made clear what would happen to that money. But hopefully little Lulu has plenty more years left in her to live her best life.

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