Dog Appears To Walk Through A Wall In Optical Illusion Video

Dog lovers can think of a million reasons to love their furry pets, but none is so compelling as their ability to make us laugh, scratch our heads in bewilderment, and surprise us — sometimes all at once! Rarely are these moments captured on video, but sometimes we get a lucky glimpse at the creative ways that dogs can change the way we see the world.

One such moment was posted on Reddit’s r/opticalillusions, where users share “old and new optical and visual illusions.” In the four-second video, shared by user “pop-xans,” a large German Shepherd Mix enthusiastically greets a pair of women as they enter what appears to be the backyard of a brick house.

Photo: Reddit/u/pop-xans

As the second woman closes the gate behind her, the dog continues saying hello to his visitors with an enthusiastic wag of his tail. He raises himself onto his back legs, supporting himself by pawing at the brick of the house next to him. After dropping down to all fours, though, he appears to walk through that same brick wall, until half of his body has disappeared!

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Photo: Reddit/u/pop-xans

The illusion only lasts for a split second, before being revealed as a trick of perspective. Instead of breaking the laws of physics, this pup was only circling around the woman’s legs, continuing his high-spirited greeting. His dark and fluffy coat, combined with the camera angle, camouflaged his movements, making them look almost like magic!

Photo: Reddit/u/pop-xans

The video ends with a satisfied smile on the dog’s face as he wraps up his trick. Redditors reacted to the video with confusion and amusement, with user Elmtree32 replying “I’ve watched this like 30 times now [and] my brain hurts every time I watch it,” and another adding “That’s trippy.” While it lasted only a second or two, this optical illusion demonstrates the magic that dogs can bring to our lives, even when doing something as ordinary as saying hello.

Watch the full video below:

Dog appears to walk through wall for a split second from opticalillusions

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