This Infographic Shows the Harsh Realities of Dog Illiteracy

Our nation has turned a blind eye to the dog illiteracy epidemic. For too long, people have scoffed at the idea, saying, “Why would my dog need to read?” Well, here at GreaterGood and the Animal Rescue Site, we believe these clever canines need to get the education they deserve so they can reach their full potential. We’ve partnered with the Center for Canine Literacy Center to end dog illiteracy once and for all.

These staggering numbers will put the dog illiteracy crisis in perspective for you:


Thanks to the pioneering work of the Center for Canine Literacy Center, dogs all across this country will someday enjoy the gift of reading. You can help illiterate dogs transform into sophisticated, smart, and knowledgeable canines. Your donation today will help the 99.9% of dogs who can’t read in the world. Do your part to help. Do it.

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