Family’s Dog Went Missing During An Ice Storm. 18 Hours Later, They Found Him Tied To A Tree

Dillon the dog was in the backyard when he ran right past the invisible fence and into the woods. His owner, Cindy Bess, was devastated and turned to her friends and neighbors for help.

One of her neighbors, Sue Ziegler, went out into the woods to look for him. They searched for a while before they saw a head move. They ran over to it to find Dillon stuck in a trap that was clamped around his head and tied to a tree.

Dillon was found 18 hours after he went missing. It’s crazy and sad to think that he was stuck outside that entire time in the middle of an ice storm. Thankfully they found him when they did.

They rushed him to the vet, and aside from a flesh wound, he was given a clean bill of health. Hopefully Dillon won’t ever run off ever again!

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