The Latest Dessert Craze — Ice Cream That Looks Eerily Like A Live Dog

At first glance, it looks just like a dog. And then its head is lopped off with a spoon.

It’s hard to believe anyone would be able to go through with it, but this freakishly frozen treat is actually not a dog at all. It’s ice cream made to look like a pleased pooch by some talented chefs in Taiwan.

Ever since appearing on Instagram, a video of someone digging into the doggy dessert, care of J. C. Co Art Kitchen, in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, has been shared tens of thousands of times. The lifelike creations are made to resemble pugs (chocolate), Labradors (earl-grey), and Shar Peis (peanut), each of them more delicious than the last.

If you can muster the courage to eat them.

According to FOX News, the shop has since struggled to meet demand for their dog desserts, which cost between $3.50 and $6. The desserts are made daily with special molds, and a few special flourishes, but each serving takes 5 hours to make and J. C. Co can only make about 100 a day.

Source: Twitter/CBS News The dogs are made using special molds.
Source: Twitter/CBS News
The dogs are made using special molds.

The big question is, who’s buying them? Not everyone is excited about the idea of diving into a delicious dollop of dog, and comments online make that quite clear.

Of course, not everyone is on the fence about these frozen Fidos. It seems they’ve caught on elsewhere in Asia, too.

But you know who hasn’t been asked about it yet?

A dog.

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Besides, they already make ice cream for dogs. They just don’t make it Into dogs.

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