Dog-Friendly Ice Cream Recipe That Your Pooch Will Love

Summertime is the perfect season to experiment with homemade ice cream. We all love to enjoy a cold, refreshing treat like ice cream or popsicles during the warm months. So, why not make our own at home? If you find a decent enough recipe, you can actually make for yourself ice cream from the comfort of your home all season long.

But what about our dogs? Whenever we’re enjoying a tasty frozen treat, they often want in as well. We can’t always give in to their begging because what we eat doesn’t always agree with their tummies. Thankfully, there is a solution.

Photo: TikTok / ChefsAndDogs
Photo: TikTok / ChefsAndDogs

The TikTok user Chefs & Dogs creates plenty of recipes on his account that are targeted to the canine market.

Photo: TikTok / ChefsAndDogs

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He’s come up with a brilliant dog-friendly recipe for ice cream. It’s pretty basic and just incorporates greek yogurt, bone broth, and treats, to create some delicious popsicles that your pooch is bound to devour.

Photo: TikTok / ChefsAndDogs
Photo: TikTok / ChefsAndDogs

In fact, in the instructional video, Chefs and Dogs claims, “Your dog will be begging for more.”

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