Dog Waits For His Daily Hug From The Mailman

It seems that dogs have always had a problem with the mailman. They will often wait for them to come, just so they can bark and save the day, yet again.

As it turns out, that isn’t the case with all dogs. Cue Moose!

Moose loves his family, but he also has a heart big enough to love others. That became clear when a new mailman was assigned to deliver the mail to Moose’s home. As the dog sat looking out the window, he must have known just how friendly the mailman was.

As it turns out, he was right.

As the mailman pulled his truck up to the driveway one day, Moose asked if he could go outside. The video of what happened says it all.

Moose was in the mood for a hug apparently, the mailman felt the same way.

“It was adorable,” Meghan Gruszynski, Moose’s owner, told The Dodo. “I loved how much he loved our boy and loved how much Moose loved saying hi to him.”

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Once it happened one time, it was going to happen every day. Moose just waits for him to arrive. It is the highlight of his day.

I think all of us would love to be greeted in this way. It is hard to imagine how this must be for the postal worker.

“I’ve come to find out our mailman’s dog recently passed away,” Gruszynski said on an Instagram post. “He loves how much love Moose gives him every time he is out on his route.”

The mailman may be bringing something to drop off at the home, but he gets much more in return from this special dog. It has quickly become a tradition and for Gruszynski and her family, it is a special delivery.

“Hopefully it continues for many, many years!” she said. “He’s our mailman ’til he retires, so it should be fun watching their love.”

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