Human Trains Dog To Do This, Then Gets An Adorable Surprise

When a human trains his dog to do something this cute, you have to film it, right? This smart dog knows how to beat the heat and how to prepare his little pool all by himself. He sits patiently with the hose in his mouth, filling up the tub, but what happens next is JUST TOO ADORABLE TO MISS!

The dog gets a bit of a surprise but hey, aren’t surprises the best? Usually. LOL!

If you liked this video, you will LOVE this one too! The dogs at Lucky Puppy Country Doggy Daycare in Michigan get to have the time of their lives and you get to watch them do it! They are celebrating being puppy-fabulous with a giant puppy pool party.

Lucky Puppy is cage free and has two 3 acre playgrounds, a huge indoor playground that’s climate controlled and… AN INDOOR POOL that’s shaped like a bone! OMG! Can I sign up too?! Click here, and out what I’m fussing about!

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