Concerned Dog Watches On As Mom Tends To Injured Bird

Dogs have such pure hearts. We really don’t deserve them at times. And one sweet dog showed just how caring dogs can be after bringing home a bird in need of help. Elizabeth Houston shared a very touching story of her dog Charlie, a pit bull.

The sweet and friendly pooch was rescued from a shelter two years prior.

And since he arrived home, he showed that he had plenty of love in his heart for everybody that he met – including an injured bird. Houston noticed one day that a bird had flown into the window and stunned itself.

According to The Dodo, she noted that Charlie immediately lept into action, going over to the bird on the ground. Since the bird wasn’t moving, Charlie knew that it was in need of help.

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The loving pooch brought it to his owner, as though seeking some assistance. He also never left the bird’s side as it recovered from its shock. Eventually, the bird was able to be released after a bit of a recovery.

At least Charlie could be proud that he helped to save a bird. What a sweet and kind dog!

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