Dog Helps Her Deaf Sibling Navigate Life

All dogs are special little fluffs of love. But some dogs have different needs than others.

It can be hard caring for a dog with special needs, but it can also be very rewarding.

Just because a dog has issues doesn’t mean that it won’t bring the same amount of love and joy into your life that a regular dog would. It might just mean that you need to have a little extra patience in helping them navigate through life.

Australian Shepherd
Photo: Pixabay/Armin Forster

For one dog mom, 28-year-old Brie Alessi, life wouldn’t be the same without her two beloved rescue dogs, Finn and Lacey.

Finn is a deaf Australian Shepherd, while Lacey is a mini Australian Shepherd. Despite the physical differences, the two pooches are as close as can be. They spend all of their time together, and in many ways, Lacey is a huge help to Finn when it comes to day-to-day activities.

Photo: YouTube/Caters Clips

Brie lives in Clearwater, Florida with her two adorable Shepherds. Finn was her first dog, and he came to her already deaf having been born that way. Because he couldn’t hear, he was a very timid and shy dog.

It seemed as though he was worried about his own limitations. But then 2020 came around, and Brie ended up adopting Lacey into the family. The changes were incredible.

Finn took to the new addition, and he soon started becoming more extroverted as he came to rely on Lacey for support.

Deaf dog
Photo: YouTube/Caters Clips

In fact, Brie noted that Lacey even taught herself a trick to get Finn’s attention whenever Brie called for them! It was such a heartwarming moment to witness.

Check out the incredible video down below:

Have you ever had a dog with special needs? How have you managed the situation to help them live their best life? Let us know!

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