Dog Goes Viral For Its Heart-Shaped Face

Dogs come in all different shapes and sizes, and each one is unique and adorable in its own way.

However, there are some dogs that have very specific appearances that set them apart from others in a very standout way. Because of this, a lot of dogs end up becoming viral sensations online.

One of these dogs happens to be an Akita named Bob. The pup, whose full name is Bob Yanagida, is a long-haired Akita living in Japan. As a result of his fluffy hair, his face ends up taking on a unique heart shape.

Photo: Instagram/yanagida_bob_akita

There are many others on the internet that seem to really enjoy this pup’s posts on Instagram. In fact, this 10-month-old pup has accumulated more than 6,500 flowers who love his account, and we can totally see why! His unique heart-shaped head is just too cute!

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Check out some of his most adorable pictures below:

1) Happy Pup

Photo: Instagram/yanagida_bob_akita

2) Beep, Beep!

Photo: Instagram/yanagida_bob_akita

3) Fun at Sunset.

Photo: Instagram/yanagida_bob_akita

4) Full Heart.

Photo: Instagram/yanagida_bob_akita

5) Adventure Time!

Photo: Instagram/yanagida_bob_akita

What do you think of Bob’s photos? Let us know!

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