Labrador Gives Birth To ‘Never-Ending’ Litter Of Puppies

Like something out of a Disney movie, one UK Labrador dog has wowed the world after she gave birth to 14 puppies! The puppies are believed to be the biggest Labrador litter to be born in England.

What made it an extra big shock was the fact that when the dog, Bella, went into the vet’s for a scan, she was believed to be expecting only six little ones. But, as Bella’s owner, 31-year-old Hazel Hedges, explained, the puppies just kept coming. Bella’s giant litter was born over a span of seven hours.

The adorable little pups came in an array of colors, with Bella giving birth to four black males, four black females, three yellow males, and three yellow females. As Hazel shared with the media, the massive litter was definitely going to be Bella’s last pregnancy. Hazel explained that normally she’d have expected the dog to give birth to anywhere between six to eight puppies in a litter – and most of them would come out black, with maybe one yellow puppy. However, she clarified that it was a pleasant surprise that the color divide was pretty even during this litter.

The dog who fathered Bella’s puppies was Scooby, a yellow Lab. Scooby is registered with the Kennel Club. Hazel, along with her 34-year-old partner, James, have been Labrador breeders for about five years.

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But this was definitely one for the books, as Hazel revealed that Bella had a scan when she was pregnant, but the numbers were way off – which became obvious during Bella’s labor as the puppies just kept coming. Hazel joked that she had to ask James to help her clean them off because the births were non-stop.

But overall, everything went well. And the mom and babies seemed to be getting on great! As Hazel shared, “She’s been a brilliant mum but now I think it is time for her to have a rest.”

No doubt Bella will have her hands full raising 14 adorable puppies!

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