Handlers Perform The ‘Jerusalema Dance Challenge’ But Their Dogs Steal The Show

If you’ve spent any time on TikTok, you probably know that dance challenges are a regular part of the content that’s produced.

Influencers, companies, and individuals all participate in the various dance challenges on the app and it’s a large part of what makes TikTok what it is today!

One of the dance challenges to make a splash is the song “Jerusalema” by Master KG. Individuals and groups got together to dance to the song as part of a viral challenge that began in 2020.

Photo: YouTube/GP 1

One of the best groups to do it, though, may just be this group of dog handlers.

The dog handlers in the video below can be seen doing the challenge in several different locations. Their moves are coordinated and they’re all wearing their professional dog handler outfits! The only thing missing at first is the dogs!

Photo: YouTube/GP 1

The group seamlessly moves through the dance moves inside, outside, and all over.

However, in the end, the dogs make their appearance and end up busting out their own dance moves. They completely steal the show!

Photo: YouTube/GP 1

The dogs seem to do coordinated dance moves, themselves, one by one with their handlers, then they all come together for a big finale.

It’s really sweet to watch. Check out the video below:

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