Baby Guinea Pig Becomes Best Friends With A Boston Terrier

We all need a friend – that special someone who is going to make our life a little more fun. Friendships come in all different forms, even within the animal kingdom.

We’ve seen a variety of different animal friendships that have formed, some of them more unlikely than others, but they’re each as adorable as the next.

One Boston Terrier dog named Oscar didn’t expect to find a new BFF, but the pooch found himself being pursued by a little thirteen-week-old guinea pig.

Photo: YouTube/zoechick72
Photo: YouTube/zoechick72

The tiny rodent, who is named Cinnamon Spice, has quite a big personality. She seemed to be very confident that she and Oscar would make the best of friends – which they clearly are!

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The two are the best buds in the whole world.

Photo: YouTube/zoechick72

As their owner shared, “She enjoys nibbling on his cheeks to get him to start licking her. They really love each other and are sad when they are apart.”

Check out the adorable footage below:

Does your dog have any unique friendships with other animals? Let us know!

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