Dog Groomer Impersonates The Different Breeds She Works With

Dogs come in a variety of different breeds. This also means that they all have their different personality quirks and reactions to various activities – like going to the groomer’s.

Some dogs don’t mind the experience, while others tend to not like it.

However, one dog groomer took to TikTok to create a hilariously acted-out depiction of how certain breeds react to a day at the groomer’s.


While the video is purely doggie stereotypes, it is no less fun to watch, especially since she does a variety of impressions.

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Her breed impersonations vary from big dogs such as German Shepards or Great Danes, to smaller dogs like Yorkies and Chihuahuas.

Photo: Facebook/LADbible
Photo: Facebook/LADbible

Her video gained a lot of praise from people online, with many people pointing out how accurate some of her impersonations were. There is no doubt that it left a lot of people laughing.

Check out the hilarious clip below:

What do you think? Are these accurate stereotypes? Let us know!

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