Abandoned Dog Found Starving To Death Gets A Second Chance At Life

It is absolutely mind-boggling how there can be people in this world who would be completely fine with neglecting a dog and leaving them to suffer. Or worse, I don’t understand how someone could see an animal suffering and then just keep driving like it’s nothing.

For one suffering pooch, Sotirakis, life was pretty rough.

The dog was living as a stray for some time, and he was starving. In fact, he was getting very desperate when a couple driving by spotted the starving dog on the side of the highway.

Photo: Pixabay/Rahat 20

They stopped, knowing straight away that they need to help save this dog’s life. Not knowing what else to do, the couple called Ermioni with Diasozo Animal Rescue.

DAR Rescue is based in Karditsa, Greece. The couple contacted them and asked them to come get the dog so that he could be brought to the veternarian’s office for a full medical review.

Photo: YouTube/DAR Animal Rescue

It was clear to Ermioni that the poor Sotirakis had been living on his own for some time and had most likely been abandoned. But still, despite all his trauma, Sotirakis was quite a happy boy while being examined by the vet.

He was even wagging his tail. The pup continued to be a happy dog despite having tested positive for Leishmaniasis – a condition for which he’s receiving treatment.

The rescue remains hopeful that one day the sweet boy will receive the loving, forever home that he deserves.

Photo: YouTube/DAR Animal Rescue

The DAR rescue is well used to caring for dogs who are abandoned, abused, mistreated, or starving. In fact, they do it all by their own kindness as well as the kindness of strangers since they rely on donations.

They wrote on their Facebook page, “We are volunteers, and our only resources are donations. We depend on all of you, to help us offer our rescues the life they deserve, so we are grateful for any donation.”

Watch the video below:

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