Even Dogs Get Excited About Football Season!

It’s that time of year again. Refrigerators are being stocked with beer and dips, gloves and body paint are getting pulled out of storage, and people in your office are begging for more people to join the fantasy league. That’s right, it’s football season, and with it comes all of the fall staples we know and love. Humans aren’t the only one that can get into the spirit of the season! Don’t leave your pets out of the fun!

It is impossible to go outside and not see people donning their favorite team’s jersey. Luckily, your dog doesn’t need to be left out of the fun! There is nothing cuter than having your dog match, and (if they’re comfortable in costume) it will get them pumped up for game day!

Try to find anything cuter than a dog in a jersey!

The proper attire is the first step in making sure your dog it ready to enjoy the game with you, but it’s only the first!

Everyone knows how much dogs love to play, and watching humans throw a ball around just makes them want to join in! Giving them their own football (or whatever sport you prefer) helps them feel like a part of the group.

Make your pup feel like part of the team!

Having something for you and your dog to throw around together will help you both enjoy the pre-game lull, and act out the sports fantasies everyone has during the season.

Whether you’re a fan of college football or the NFL (or both), tailgating and parties come with each game. Both of those require bundling up, and the hoodie is the perfect attire. The choice garment of football coaches, college students, and tailgaters everywhere, a good hoodie should be in everyone’s wardrobe rotation.

It’s warm AND stylish!

Besides being stylish, making sure your dog is warm during the colder months is essential, especially for smaller dogs. If you’re going to dress them when they go out, they should match the occasion!

Possibly the most important part of the football season is the food. When was the last time you sat down to watch a game and DIDN’T have snacks? Exactly. While it’s tempting to hand over a few scraps to your dog as an act of camaraderie, why not make a treat for the to indulge in as well?

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Think of the myriad uses!

If you aren’t sure what kind of treats you can make your pup at home, we have a quick and easy recipe!

There are countless ways to take a weekly ritual and turn it into a great bonding experience with your pup. Make sure the whole family can get in on the fun!

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