We Compared The Top 5 Dog Food Delivery Companies

3. Just Food For Dogs


Founded in 2010, this Los Angeles-based brand offers custom delivery plans handcrafted in ten kitchens around California. Open kitchens also allow curious pet owners to watch the food being made onsite, which is a good option for curious dog owners who’ve wondered what’s actually going into their pet’s food.

Just Food For Dogs might already sound familiar, because many of their veterinarians’ opinions, research, and diets have widely been published in scientific journals. The company also teaches doctorate-level nutrition courses for aspiring veterinarians.

The company’s canine-delicious menu includes a wide variety of regular options, as well as options for dogs with chronic medical conditions, including metabolic and renal issues. Shipping is also free for CA, AZ, NV and UT-based customers who spend over $125.

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