We Compared The Top 5 Dog Food Delivery Companies

2. Nom Nom Now


This California company is committed to offering elevated dog food made with fresh, human-grade ingredients without any artificial flavors or fillers. Meal plans have been developed by the resident vet nutritionist and crafted to meet your pet’s specific health requirements.

The company also knows the transition from standard kibble to superior fare shouldn’t happen overnight, which is why they offer transition packets to help your pet ease into his or her new elevated diet. These include food that can be stirred into your dog’s current meal plan or even layered on top, with a large selection suitable for picky eaters and dogs with allergies.

NomNomNow also donates 1 percent of sales to KetoPet Sanctuary, a group supportive of dogs living with cancer, and partners with rescue organizations around the state. If you adopt from one of their partner shelters, they will give $25 back to that shelter and discounts on your first order of food.

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