We Compared The Top 5 Dog Food Delivery Companies

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Sure, dogs can live off of a diet consisting entirely of canned food, the same way humans could technically eat out at McDonald’s for every meal. However, everybody feels healthier and more fit after incorporating fresh, high-quality foods. You are what you eat. This is true for both humans and dogs.

Fortunately, modern dog food delivery companies are making it easier than ever for your dog to eat better with pet foods that incorporate all-natural, USDA-certified ingredients, without the usual preservatives and artificial fillers/ flavors. Pooches that consume premium chow are generally better off health-wise, with softer, shinier coats, more energy, better moods and fewer incidents of sickness.

Modern technology and data also makes it easier than ever for owners to be proactive when it comes to their four-legged family’s health. At the same time, the sheer amount of choice can be overwhelming, which is why we’ve tested the top five companies for ingredients and value.

1. Ollie


This vet-endorsed meal plan utilizes a one-of-a-kind algorithm to consider a number of key factors, including your dog’s age, breed and weight. The brand also incorporates 100 percent USDA-certified meats, premium fruit and vegetables, and even folds in extra nutrients.

The company also employs a pet nutritionist and a long-term plan to gradually introduce new types of food. The company’s marketing efforts, as evidenced by their heartwarming backstory, are also welcome touches. Visitors leave the website with a clear understanding of how much this team really loves dogs.

The recyclable packaging also lends the food extra longevity and one percent of revenue is donated to animal welfare organizations.

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