A Fish Vendor Cat Named ‘Dog’ Dresses Up In Adorable Costumes

Fish markets are a common sight in Hai Phong, Vietnam. And among the many vendors is the adorable 3-year-old Dog. Dog is actually a cat who also works as a fish vendor in Hai Phong. He is stealing the hearts of many online with his precious getup.

The little feline, whose Vietnamese name is Chó, lives in Hai Phong and is a regular at his local fish market. That is where one Twitter user, Phoung Le, first saw him and took his picture.

Le then uploaded some photos of Dog to Twitter, explaining that the feline is quite famous in Vietnam where he works as a fish vendor who also dresses up in costume from time to time.

As Bored Panda added, Dog’s owner, Le Quoc Phong, stated that Dog is quite accomplished for a cat.

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Not only is he the cutest fish vendor and businessman, but he’s also a bit of a Cassanova. According to his Bored Panda, his owner shared that Dog has a lot of “girlfriends and children” in the countryside.

His owner added that Dog is actually a pretty relaxed cat who loves to pose for pictures. But his most redeeming quality is that he doesn’t mind the costumes one bit – that makes photos so much easier.

As for Dog’s unique name, his owner explained it quite simply that the cat would always act like a canine instead of a cat.

Prior to Dog’s Twitter exposure, the cat was already pretty well-known in Vietnam, Thailand, and China. It only helps that he’s now viral, which makes things easier for Dog’s owner, who has big plans to make the feline famous. But I think he’s well on his way to accomplishing that. You can follow Dog on Instagram here.

Check out some of his costumes:

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