This Pit Bull’s Transformation Is Incredible—And She’s Living Happily Ever After!

When you need help, you surely know where to turn. From an early age, we're taught that policemen can help when you feel unsafe and doctors can help when you feel unwell, for example. But what about dogs—do they know where to turn? Well, Sistine the Pit Bull mix sure did!

In early October, the pup followed around a firefighter from the East Cleveland Fire Department. The poor little girl was plagued by a nasty case of mange, as well as skin diseases and Parvo. By the way she refused to leave the man's side, it almost seemed that she knew the fireman could help her. She was right: the fire department sees stray dogs walk in from time to time, so they knew to make a phone call and take her to the vet right away.

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The young dog had been through quite a bit. It was believed that she was previously owned, as she knew several skills, like “sit.” However, based on her physical state, she had clearly been neglected. Yet she was a total sweetheart and was placed in foster care through Muttley Crue Rescue. It was through this rescue that she received the name “Sistine,” and made a breathtaking recovery.

We can hardly believe our eyes! Look at Ms Sistine! She is all healed and cleared of her mange and what a beautiful…

Posted by Muttley Crue onSaturday, December 5, 2015

It's hard to believe the two pups in that are the same dog, isn't it? But the story gets even better: later that month, Sistine was adopted!

After beating Parvo and severe mange our Sistine made truly a remarkable recovery. As if that isn`t good enough news,…

Posted by Muttley Crue onWednesday, December 23, 2015

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All this would not have been possible, however, if Sistine hadn't followed around that fireman. Was it just a lucky coincidence, or did she somehow “know?” That's for you to decide. Whatever the case, there's no mistaking that Sistine's choice led to her happy ending.

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