Gleeful Golden Has The Perfect Job On His Family’s Durian Farm

Many dogs are more than happy to sit by their owners as they work from home. Still others are happy to see them off at the door so they have the house to themselves! Some rare dogs love not just to relax with their owners, but to work as well. One family in Thailand has their very own (and very shaggy!) helper — meet Jubjib!


Jubjib is nearly 7 years old, and for most of his life, he’s worked on his family’s durian farm. Jubjib loves to sit next to the freshly harvested fruit, and keeps spirits up during the long days on the farm. Durian is native to Southeast Asia, and hugely popular in both Malaysian and Thai cuisine. Appreciated by many for its versatility in sweet and savory dishes, Durian is also notorious for its pungent odor that has been compared to rotten onions and raw sewage. This has lead to its consumption being banned in some outdoor spaces, though it remains common throughout Southeast Asia.

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The family business that Jubjib is a part of sells durian in fried, raw, and other varieties. Durian is a staple of Thai food markets and can be used in the preparation of a wide range of foods such as cappuccinos, milkshakes, and even crepes! It is naturally rich in thiamine and other B vitamins, and even the seeds can be cooked and eaten as a snack.


The Golden Retriever has worked on the farm since his puppy days in 2014, and steadily grown not just in size but in popularity. His family regularly regales their Facebook followers not just with photos of deliciously-prepared durian, but frequent photos of Jubjib on the job. He’s become such a key part of the business that he’s even featured on their packaging!


His thousand-watt smile, combined with his distinctive sense of style has earned him fans across the globe. Jubjib often shows up to work in a variety of outfits, both practical and adorable. He has donned overalls, scarves, several hats, and even booties when the job requires it! On particularly sunny days, his conscientious owners make sure he watches the day’s work from beneath the ample shade of a large sunhat.


To see more photos of Jubjib, his family, and their idyllic durian farm, visit their Facebook page!

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