Dog Rescued After Falling Into A Pigeon Net Six Stories Above The Ground

When one woman’s dogs were playing outside, she didn’t think that anything bad could happen.

But after leaving the dogs on their own for only a few minutes, Ella returned to a scary realization: her dog Bili was missing.

She searched around, desperate to find him, and was horrified to see that the pup had fallen and was now dangling above the ground, caught in a net.

Photo: The Dodo

Ella was scared and didn’t know what to do, so she immediately went to her neighbor for help. The neighbor ended up calling the firefighters.

But as they waited, there was a new worry. Ella was scared that Bili would try to wriggle out of the pigeon net she was caught in. Since it was six floors up, this could end up spelling disaster for the little dog.

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Photo: The Dodo

As they waited for help to arrive, Ella and her neighbor did their best to get the dog to stay still and stay where she was.

Eventually, the firefighters showed up and they were able to get her out.

Photo: The Dodo

The dog was understandably frightened, but she was okay. Ella was extremely grateful to be reunited with her best little buddy, and the two of them shared a very sweet hug.

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