Nail Tech Who Gave Her Dog Fake Nails Faces Animal Abuse Allegations

A woman is facing animal abuse allegations after she went viral for giving her small dog fake nails.

25-year-old Maritza Rubalcava is the founder of Bellamour Beauty, and she creates custom press-on nails. However, she doesn’t just create them for people, she creates them for dogs too!

In videos shared on her TikTok, Rubalcava can be seen fitting for little chihuahua, Coco, and creating custom nails for her. She then proceeds to apply the nails to the small dog, and that’s where things got controversial.

Photo: TikTok/bellamourbeauty
Photo: TikTok/bellamourbeauty

According to her videos, she spends up to 40 minutes creating each set of nails for Coco. While it’s clear she puts a lot of her heart into her craft, many people are calling her out for animal abuse.

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According to LadBible, Maritza claims that she takes the nails off of Coco as soon as she’s done modeling for videos or photos.

She said, “Coco just models them for pictures because they’re obviously really not practical for a dog to wear all of the time. It’s just a little bit of bonding time with my dog and I really enjoy it.”

Photo: TikTok/bellamourbeauty

She further explained that her dog “loves being pampered” and she also believes that Coco “enjoys the process of me sticking the nails onto her claws.”

While her idea to put fake nails on her dog did receive a lot of backlash, it was also met with love by many people who wished they had fake nails for their own dogs. Due to the positive reactions she received, Maritza started selling custom-made fake nails for dogs for $15 per set.

Photo: TikTok/bellamourbeauty

According to her website, 25% of profits made on the fake dog nails will be donated to Hope for Paws, an animal rescue group.

Check out the videos below:


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Of course, it’s important to consult a veterinarian before adding a new item to your dog’s regime, like press-on nails, that may not be conducive to a healthy lifestyle.

What do you think of the fake nails on Coco? Do you consider it animal abuse or are you next in line to purchase a pair? Let us know!

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