Dog Escapes From San Diego Apartment Fire Unharmed – A Real Life Miracle

Miracles happen every day and if you need proof keep reading.

Last Friday Jarrett Gautt was heading out to dinner with his family, so he fed his dog Brownie, a 3-year-old border collie mix, and locked the door to his San Diego apartment.

He returned to find his ground-floor apartment engulfed in flames.

Screenshot: YouTube/ABC 10 News

His only thought was he had to save Brownie.

Gautt grabbed the fire extinguisher and rushed into his apartment to find his dog, but the flames and smoke were too intense and he had to turn around.

“Almost got disoriented as soon as I went in a couple feet. It was thick, black smoke,” he told local news station 10 News.

Screenshot: YouTube/ABC 10 News

Gautt refused to give up and started smashing bedroom windows and calling to Brownie to try and rescue him – but Brownie didn’t appear.

Firefighters arrived and the devastated Gautt was asked to step back as they went to work putting out the raging flames.

Screenshots: YouTube/ABC 10 News

Gautt thought his best pal was gone for good and with tears in his eyes said, “I felt like I couldn’t save him, like I let my dog die.”

But 40 minutes later a miracle occurred.

One of the neighbors gathered outside the apartment building spotted something white in the parking lot and Gautt ran as fast as he could to see if it was Brownie.

And it was!

Screenshot: YouTube/ABC 10 News

“He’s weaving in and out of the fire trucks… Big hug and picked him up, and all the neighbors came out,” recalls Gautt. “He’s definitely a miracle, a miracle Brownie.”

The resilient pup escaped unharmed. No one really knows how, but all that matters is that he is safe and reunited with his dad.

Watch the full news coverage in the video below.

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