Your Dog Will Just Eat Your Family Christmas Card. Get Him THIS Instead!

Searching for a stocking stuffer to please the perfect pupper? There’s no need to resort to basic bones when you’ve got so many options to pick from.

We’ve come up with a few great ideas of our own to get you ready for this year’s holiday season. Although you don’t need a holiday excuse to give these gifts, as they make a wonderful gesture any time of year (for pups and their people). From cozy slippers to a special gift to help where it’s needed most, canines and humans alike will cherish these ideas for years to come.

8. Gifts that Keep Giving

Picking the right gift has never been easier with the help of RescueBox. This monthly box of healthy treats, engaging toys, and much more is hand-selected by a team of passionate pet-lovers. The best part? Every box purchased donates crucial food and vaccines to shelter pets in need! It’s a box that your furbaby will love getting and one that you’ll feel good about giving.

For the furry friend in your life that already has it all, RescueBox is suitable for dogs of any age or size (there’s even one for cats). And the tasty treats within are sourced from North America, with a select few from USDA-approved facilities in South America, so you can rest assured your gift will keep animals both happy and healthy.


7. Fetching Slippers

Mornings are much easier with a soft pair of slippers. And these Fluffy Pet Slippers are no chore to warm up to.

Maybe your mutt will have them ready at 6 a.m., or maybe not, but try a pair of these slippers on and you can enjoy proud pet parent status from head to toes. Made with a super soft fleece and floppy little ears on top, these flip flop slippers mix adorable charm with serious comfort.


6. Comfort an Old Soldier

The United States Military has been utilizing Military Working Dogs (MWD) since the revolutionary war. Right now there are literally thousands of MWD’s on the front lines around the world protecting our soldiers. A lesser known canine hero—Contract Working Dogs (CWD)—also fight alongside our United States Service men and women. Unlike MWDs, The Department of Defense does not own CWDs. Instead, private companies that enter into working contracts with the Department of Defense own them.

Just like the MWDs, these canines train, deploy, and fight with their fellow soldiers, often saving their lives. Police K9’s also do this great work here at home, keeping our streets and citizens safe.

A modest gift of just $10 can provide these retired military and police dogs with toys and amenities they wouldn’t otherwise receive this season. Make a donation in your own or a loved one’s name and you’ll not only help these courageous canines, you’ll also receive a commemorative certificate for your donation. is working with dedicated organizations that specialize in the rescue of these retired heroes. And with your help, we can carry out our mission to leave no MWD, CWD, or K9 behind!


5. Coffee Time

Where would we be without coffee and dogs? Answer both questions simultaneously, and let others know of your furry lineage with a unique mug from the Animal Rescue Site store.

Designed by New York potter Lorrie Veasey, the Dog Mom Mug is a must-have for the proud doggie mama in all of us. It’s hand painted, dishwasher safe, and made from lead-free, high density dolomite ceramic. Paws down the perfect start to any dog mother’s day!


4. Shop Until You Drop

Do you and your pup care about a clean environment? You can make a difference in your carbon footprint by using, and reusing, these Pet Portrait Compact Shopping Bags. You’ll be making a statement, as well.

These nylon grocery bags tote more than your purchases, with puppy or kitty portraits causing waves of smiles wherever you go. And they conveniently fold into compact pouches for storage in your purse or car when your shopping is done.


3. Showered with Gifts

Cleanliness may be next to godliness, but when it comes to dogliness, this Festival Pets Shower Curtain truly shines.

You’ll enjoy a raining rainbow of smiley dogs or cats with this shower curtain. Swirls, flowers, paw prints, and pets with plenty of heart will brighten up your bathroom without clogging your drain with hairballs.


2. Wipe Your Paws

Whether it’s an unexpected visit from inlaws, or a damp dog, your doorstep won’t be as dark with a cute and useful gift like the Soggy Doggy Doormat.

Super soft and ultra absorbent — holding up to seven times its weight in water — this microfiber chenille doormat is ideal for trapping dirt and water that your pup brings in. Great for crates, cars, and everywhere else your pooch may try to bring a mess!

1. A Million Meals

Food is one of the most vital needs that all shelters and rescues have. No matter how dedicated the volunteers, no matter how great the veterinary care, food remains the most important item. It is also the most expensive and difficult to acquire. Most shelters depend on the generosity of their communities, but often that isn’t enough to meet their needs.

For Rescue Bank’s 10-year anniversary, this call for help has been broadcast far and wide, asking animal lovers to join in the birthday celebration by giving the gift of a meal to a rescue animal in need. Their target of a million meals is expected to be hit soon.

The number of homeless pets who need food isn’t slowing down, but with your help, high-quality, name brand food can be delivered to rescue groups all over the county. Every dollar you donate to Rescue Bank offsets $17 of food cost for a rescue, and allows them to put their limited budget into other adoption programs that save more lives.

Assistance from readers over the past decade have made it possible for the Animal Rescue Site and Rescue Bank to ship over 120 million meals to feed shelter and rescue pets in need. And to commemorate the generous gift, each donor is sent a certificate suitable for framing. It makes a great gift for anyone with a heart for helping animals.


Looking for some more ideas? Find much more at The Animal Rescue Site Store. Click the button below and find the perfect gift!

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